Black Eagle Martial Arts

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What We Teach

Tae Kwon Do

Black Eagle Martial Arts teaches and require the eight Taegeuk forms required for advancement by the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF).Forms, also known as poomsae or hyungs in Korean, are a series of basic attack and defense movements put together in a preset pattern and performed against imaginary opponents. They contain basic physical movements and philosophies of the art. These basic techniques, delivered in a realistic fashion, allow the Tae Kwon Do practitioner to develop strength, breath control, balance, power, focus and self-discipline.


Haysville Activity Center
523 Sarah Ln., Haysville, KS 67060


  • Master Richard De Cou - 6th Dan Blackbelt
  • Master Jim Hartness - 5th Dan Blackbelt
  • Trisha Leidich - 3rd Dan Blackbelt
  • Patrick Stanton - 3rd Dan Blackbelt
  • Chris Kurtz - 2nd Dan Blackbelt
  • Jason Sears - 2nd Dan Blackbelt